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Safari with one of the most distinguished guides

In all of Africa

As experienced safari-goers and journey-takers know, the quality of your guide makes or breaks the adventure. Dylan Brandt is a passionate professional guide and business owner who has devoted himself to sharing expert-guided experiences with friends and guests.Dylan began his career in the safari industry at a young age. He then personally designed a degree that combined Hotel Management, Food & Beverage, Natural Science, and Land Management to ensure that he could shape a true end-to-end luxury safari experience.By combining devoted learning with tens of thousands of hours spent on the ground, Dylan holds the credentials and level of expertise associated with less than 1% of guides in the safari industry.Since moving to Park City, Dylan maintains personal friendships with elite guides, landowners, lodge managers, and conservationists across Africa. His mission is to connect his guests with these extraordinary places and people who share his personal passion for delivering extraordinary guided experiences and being true custodians of Africa’s wildlife and wild places.
Dylan Brandt and his family

Dylan Brandt is a passionate professional guide and business owner who has a passion for sharing expert-guided experiences with his friends and guests alike.

Dylan began his career in the safari industry at a young age and quickly established himself as one of the most distinguished guides in all of Africa. Dylan obtained the highest credentials associated with professional guiding, a level of expertise achieved by fewer than 1% of guides in the industry*. These credentials cannot be obtained merely through study; rather, they are only awarded to individuals who demonstrate the sort of mastery that comes from both devoted learning and spending tens of thousands of hours on the ground guiding.

Someone once translated Dylan’s acclaim to a better-known hospitality industry by saying,

“Dylan’s like a three-star Michelin chef of safari”.

While in Africa, Dylan trained many guides on how to encounter dangerous game on foot as well as host and interpret special wildlife experiences for guests. He maintains personal friendships amongst elite guides, conservationists, lodge managers and land owners across Africa and Dylan’s mission is to connect his guests with these extraordinary wild places and passionate people.

After moving to the U.S., Dylan utilized not only these relationships with guides and lodges in Africa to found Brandt Safaris, but also leveraged his university education and personally designed a degree that combined Hotel Management, Food & Beverage, Natural Science, and Land Management to ensure that he could shape a true end-to-end, luxury experience.

*FGASA Special Knowledge & Skills (SKS) Dangerous Game, an elite walking guide qualification; SKS Birding; Expert Track and Sign (Level III); Expert Trailing (III); and Expert Guide Level III A and Level III B. Plus, Winner of multiple awards in the Safari Guide of the Year.

How we operate

Our goal at Brandt Safaris is to craft adventures from beginning to end that will expose you to the largest and smallest of wonders. Every safari experience we create is original, built around you and your passions. From tropical rainforests, green deserts, rolling grasslands, and the picturesque savanna, our awe-inspiring tours are specifically designed to introduce you to a cluster of habitats, astonishing landscapes, and magnificent African wildlife. Follow a pride of lion on the hunt, witness the great migration, gaze into the eyes of a gorilla, or kayak above cape fur seals – the options are endless!

We don’t simply offer luxury for luxury’s sake

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At Brandt Safaris we focus on the small details that

Make a big difference

Passionate and creative expertise

We design trips out of pure passion: the desire to see you immersed in, and transformed by, the African bush. Our priority is to get to know each and every one of our guests so that we can flawlessly craft the most amazing and personalized safari experience.

We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and expertise in the destinations we recommend. We’ve developed trusted relationships with the most respected camps in Africa, and our team likely guided on the ground in the remote wildlife area you’ll be visiting.

Fall Head Over Heels

We enthusiastically play the role of ​​Safari Cupid to create unforgettable experiences. Our focus is to understand what you really want from your safari. This may entail trips centered entirely around seeing wildlife, to other bucket list ambitions like a private sparkling wine tour in the Cape Winelands or a helicopter flip above Victoria Falls. We want you to fall in love with your perfectly matched experience that will create enduring memories.If you haven’t begun to imagine what country to visit or what kind of camp you’d enjoy, that’s no problem, because starting from scratch is our favorite part.

We’ll Take Care of the Planning With No Additional Charges

Our expertise and thoroughness make every detail of your trip stress-free. Guest services on the ground are arranged to help you as soon as you touch down in Africa to ensure smooth transitions. Your itinerary will include every detail from check-ins, transfers, and border crossings – all you really need on hand is your passport and readiness for unparalleled adventure.Because of our long-standing personal relationships with the lodges, guides, and activity providers with whom we work, our tailor-made approach to designing your experience will always be better than you booking direct. We add no service charges, our quotes are itemized for transparency and you have the extra value-add of a second safety net and expert guidance!

We Build Everything Around Conservation

We know that our guests care deeply about conserving wild places and protecting wildlife. Our commitment to sustainable eco-tourism stretches well beyond small gestures. We work closely with our lodge owners and travel partners to understand their long-term strategic programs for community development, conservation, and education. Read more on our social-impact page to discover the direct connection between the resources you spend on your visit and sustaining these vital programs. Our social impact

Let us guide you

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