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Safari by Water, 4×4 Vehicle and on Foot in ​Southern Africa

A Signature Safari in Southern Africa

Without a doubt, any of these Southern African countries are worth scouting for a first-time or even tenth-time safari: Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The national parks and vast conservation areas have an incredible depth of wildlife. On an immersive safari, one can come to appreciate both big game animals and the subtler, smaller wildlife as well.

Southern Africa’s flexibility for engaging in the landscape, from paddling past hippos in a canoe to driving under the night stars as lions call in the distance, to walking in close range of elephants makes for an utterly awe-inducing experience.

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Botswana’s Okavango Delta

Botswana’s Okavango Delta is one of those rare corners of the earth where both government and private philanthropists have worked together over many decades to preserve a natural miracle. The area floods each year as water from the highlands of Angola empties southeastward after the rainy season, into the Kalahari Desert in northern Botswana. This inland delta becomes a vast, watery paradise for a few months a year and then disappears.​

In Botswana, lodges and tented camps dot the islands in the Okavango River and the shorelines of its entire floodplain. The best-situated camps can offer both water-based and land- (vehicle) based safaris at the same time of the year, while camps on the floodplain’s fringes can become less desirable outside of peak season as the water source dries up and wildlife moves elsewhere.

Botswana safaris focus on the peak Okavango flood season, from June to August​​.

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Zambia’s heart-thumping parks

The Zambezi riverfront offers an incredible safari experience from the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia. This incredible waterscape can be explored by canoe, traditional game drive vehicle, motorboat, and on foot. We believe that this part of Africa is one of the absolute best for walking opportunities.​

Continuing a safari in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park again provides guests who enjoy immersive walking opportunities a world-renowned setting for safely seeing elephants, lions, and even leopards on foot. Even for safari-goers who prefer to remain in a vehicle, this park provides exceptional wildlife and birdlife viewing.

Zambia’s parks are some of our absolute favorites, offering relative scarcity of other vehicles and visitors, but no deficits in terms of magical game encounters. A safari devoted to exploring Zambia’s wildernesses can also extend to the expansive Kafue National Park, where you can continue to connect with predators during day and night game drives, walks, or even a horseback safari.

If you want to walk for multiple hours or even multiple days, Zambia is a perfect destination.

Visit multiple camps in the region

In good faith, our Southern Africa safaris can’t send you to just one camp. We always combine two to three in Botswana due to the sprawling Okavango Delta and other regions such as the Selinda-Linyanti. This is the best way to provide perspective on the seasonal flood phenomenon and offer the opportunity to encounter different predators, who are territorial.

Likewise, Zambia boasts so much ecological diversity that traveling solely within the country’s park network over six to nine nights guarantees miraculous wildlife encounters – and nearly guarantees that you’ll never want to come home!

The rich diveristy of habitats in these countries is just incredible – let us describe them to you!

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Spend two nights at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of those must-see destinations in Southern Africa. The legendary waterfall is an awe-inspiring spectacle and, in certain seasons, the mists from the Falls can be seen from 20 kilometers away.​

Visitors to Vic Falls can stay in an iconic colonial hotel in the town center and enjoy a traditional high tea on the terrace, or position themselves at one of a handful of exclusive and pristine eco-lodges just ten or so kilometers away from the Falls, but offering a remote, ultra-relaxed experience.

In addition to visiting the Falls themselves, guests can take a sunset cruise down the river, book a fishing outing, plunge into Devil’s Pool at the lip of the thundering waterfall (only in drier months), try a white-water rafting expedition, or even take a helicopter or micro-light aircraft flight over the cascades.

Mosi-oa-Tunya is the local name for Victoria Falls, meaning: The Smoke that Thunders.

It wouldn’t be a Brandt Safari without the opporutnity to cast a fly!

Tack on a chance at a Tiger Fish

If you are seeking the very best freshwater fishing that Africa has to offer, there are many lodges that specifically cater to avid anglers. We can also recommend places to “tuck in” a bit of fishing in and around your safari – for example, along the Zambezi River.​

The most sought-after African freshwater species is the Tiger Fish. Its fierce reputation is well-earned: many anglers will find doing battle with this muscular fish a highlight of their angling pursuits.

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Our most frequently asked question

About Southern Africa

When is the best time to go?

Okavango Delta, Botswana

The dynamics of a narrow peak season, June to August, combined with the country’s decision to keep tourist volume purposefully modest, does create one of the most – if not the most – expensive safari destinations in all of Africa. However, the serenity, remoteness, and seemingly eternal wildness of this place can be rewarding in shoulder seasons (April-May and September-October) and even off-peak times of the year.


Zambia’s size and breadth can accommodate a safari at nearly any time of the year, however, there is a peak green or “rainy” season when vegetation is dense and lush and summer temperatures can be quite hot. Our Zambia expeditions tend to avoid these months for peak wildlife viewing (mid-November to April).

Victoria Falls

Although a visit to Victoria Falls can be enjoyed at any time of year, water levels are at their lowest at the peak of the Southern Hemisphere’s summer (November – January) and peak March through June.

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